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The pictures from the Reunion Reception and Dinner are now posted in the "Reception 2011", "Reunion Dinner 2011" and "Pittsburgh Courier" sections and in the profiles of both "Lissa Coates" and "Bob Smith".  If you want to print any picture, do the following:

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Fellow INROADS/Pittsburgh alumni, I am proud to announce the release of The Spider Web Philosophy: Catch Your Dreams, a self-help book co-authored by 4 INROADers - Dwight H. Pullen Jr., Aki Jamal Durham, Wesley Pullen, and Greg El. We have had the opportunity to give a signed copy to Carole Cohen and are anxiously awaiting her feedback. It would be wonderful to hear your opinions as well.

Here is a brief description of the text:
If you had the choice to obtain all you desire through singular focus, self-reliance, and the heart of a Lion, OR to simply construct an intricate trap with the patience and cunning of a Spider and literally attract your highest aspirations, which option would you choose?
Why not attract and capture your desires rather than hunting them down? This is the essence of The Spider Web Philosophy.
Achieve extraordinary success in every aspect of life through greater self-awareness, a well selected advisory council (a MasterMind team), and a carefully constructed network of valued relationships. With this platform, individuals are able to stop chasing their dreams and start catching them.
"When spiderwebs unite they can tie down a lion" - Ethiopian Proverb

Of course, we hope that you will purchase, read, and share the book with others. Connecting and reconnecting with you all would also be a plus, so feel free to reach out to each of us on LinkedIn and/or Facebook.

Available on Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle formats.  
Aki Jamal Durham, Co-author
The Spider Web Philosophy: Catch Your Dreams
eStore - https://www.createspace.com/5313181 - eStore
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/SWPdreamcatcher
Twitter - @SWPdreamcatcher




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•   Ken Havner (Former Staff)  11/24
•   Cheryl Laley (Anderson)  10/8
•   Darryl Lincoln  9/7
•   Linda Dent  6/27
•   Sean Ryan  6/21
•   Randal Lincoln  6/6
•   Dana Williams (Lester)  1/13
•   Carla Smith (Butts)  1/2
•   Saeeda Hafiz  12/17
•   William Wharton  12/5
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•   Lanella Hooper (Williams)  12/10
•   Saeeda Hafiz  12/15
•   Dianne Dixon (Copeland)  12/16
•   Karen Jones  12/17
•   Marcus Purdie (Former Staff)  12/19
•   Aki Durham  12/20
•   Michael Crawford  12/21
•   Eric Jones  12/22
•   Harry Holt, Jr.  12/24
•   Jacob Ortego  12/24
•   Byron Foster (Former Bc)  12/27
•   Jason Wells  12/29
•   Greg Spencer (Former Board Member)  12/31
•   Jordana Harrington (Stephens)  1/2



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4 live in Ohio
59 live in Pennsylvania
2 live in South Carolina
3 live in Texas
8 live in Virginia
1 lives in Wisconsin
1 lives in Bermuda
230 location unknown


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